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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Not all the Glitters is Gold! ~ The Schitso-Natured Women

Good Day my darlings!!! Happy Tuesday!!! I know i'm usually out with my message early but we can't always have our way, my humblest apologies. So for the rest of the week, we will thrash out the not so pretty side of a woman. Remember for the most part we are multifaceted, most times beyond that which meets the eyes. That is where the true strength of a woman lies. Men for the most part are far simplier creatures compared to women. The obsessive-schitso natured women are the ones to be most careful of I reckon, they are quite strong willed and can truly manipulate a situation to work in their favour. We have seen many movies that have demonstrated it but nothing compares to when it's happening close to home. A friend of mine met and started dating a very ambitious woman, sexy as hell, conversational and as horny as a 3 balled tomcat. Didn't take long before they started doing the dirty. A month and a half in, they have a little lovers spat, quite an offensive one and in retaliation rude girl proceeds to send my friend a text, which she so-called meant to send to someone else(male). My very sensible friend sight di rake and decided to play along. He called her blaring WTF, expletive, expletive, yuh find new man??? She got a rise out of him, she thought, she was as calm as a lamb in her response as if it was not calculated. A week later she pulled the same stunt after he told her he was meeting a friend(girl) to discuss business. There is alot more to the story i'm not able to let on, tsk tsk, Not many men can "sight di rake" and have fun with it like my friend did. Sometimes "psyches" is valid and sometimes work but in her situation, made her look stupid, crazy and desperate.We women have the capacity to manufacture things the way we want. Most women just don't know how to capitalize on it or harness it and ofcourse there are many that will use their "power" negatively. Men, please, it is really worth it getting to know us individually, as I said yesterday once you lock in, you have no clue what you may be unleashing. When he told me this story, I was wetting myself, it was super funny!!! There are many good-natured women still out there , alot of them are hiding from what some of you men have imposed or put them or some one close to them through. What a ripple effect eeehh. After you've had your fun, mess up whole heap of women heart and you ready to settle down, no righted woman nuh lef, nah naaaaa and the reverse can be applied to good natured men. Society set di ting a way, you can't lose faith though. Have an awesome day!!!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Not all that glitters is Gold! ~ Siren Girls

Good morning my lovelies!!!! Happy Monday!!! New week! New thoughts, perspectives and answers! I had a conversation with a very good friend of mine lastnite about his interactions with women especially since he's been back on the dating scene and boy he always seem lucky enough to bump into the "wrong" women. After giving an ear to his woes, entertaining I may add, he pretty much inspired all the topics i'll be pounding out this week. First off "Siren Girls". As per an online dictionary, a siren is an electronic device producing a similar sound as a signal or warning. By way of Greek Mythology it is defined as a woman considered to be dangerously alluring or seductive. So, he met a girl, looking damn fine and sexy, proceeded to call her over, she reluctantly went. After a few pleasantries he persuaded her to roll with him and three of his other friends. First warning! Which woman rides with four strange men?! On their way to their destination bad girl had the coarsest, crudest tongue, not matching the image conjured by the mind, when her package was first seen. When they got their destination, she seductively asked for drinks, amongst other things, warning two~she barely knows this dude and this after he offered her a few bits already on arrival at their destination, she didn't even remember his name. Then at the end of the evening she proceeds to ask for a specific some of money to go home. Now, if you remove everything else and left the the number of "wants" she had, translate it into our indigenous vernacular "mi waaa" repeat it a few times and I reckon she would sound like a Siren indeed. Men be careful of these Siren Girls, take note of the warning signs that she sends out; for some beauty is really only skin deep. I know for most the physical appeal equals nookie, pretty much instantly but think of it this way once you lock in you have no clue what you maybe unleashing! Have wonderful day!!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Mental Slavery...

Hello wonderful people!!!! I know it's pretty early and it's a Sunday but I just created my blog and I am super excited about my first post. The only sad thing is that it begins with the mental enslavement of most of people still in our Jamaican society. I was at work one day in the line staff lunch room which already shows social division, yes I said it. There is one lunch room for line staff and one for sups/managers. Anyhow, this rasta man walks into the lunch room and sits next to this brownin, as we would put it in our indigenous language. I usually block out what is going on around me in that room and focus on more pressing matters like when is my next nail appointment lol kidding but I could not help but overhear what this man saying to the brownin. He told her how beautiful her brown skin was and how much is brownin him love and he chided her about a bruise she had on her hand and told her not to spoil her pretty skin. By this, being a beautiful dark skinned woman I had to pause my thoughts on my nails and look at who is really talking. The woman was soo put off by him. BTW his wife is a dark-skinned woman. Another light-skinned woman walked in and asked him how him just admiring up the woman so, what happen to his wife at home. He proceeded to say, that he loves his wife but him just love brownin more, he would do anything for a brownin. He asked the other light-skinned woman, which of you are browner? That is when I almost became ill. Now I understand why the lunch rooms are divided and many other procedures are the way they are where I work. The very same people that complain about inequality are the same slaves of their own minds. At that point, I only had pity for myself as a sensible dark-skinned woman as it means I have to work twice as hard to prove I have evolved. Please emancipate your minds people. Free yourselves from the mental bondage that oppressed us back in slavery days. Educate your minds, not necessarily with books but with the change of the times. Have a blessed Sunday!!!!